Welcome to my professional website. Here you will find my publications, my teaching, projects and some personal musings.I’m a researcher, a PhD fellow, and part of the Interaction Design group at Aarhus University, Denmark. My research project (supervised by professor Kim Halskov) explores “generative design materials”, an attempt at understanding and advancing the interplay between creative collaborative design work and the many different materials we bring into design processes. My PhD is part of the Creativity in Blended Interaction Spaces project, in which we collaborate with industry partners like LEGO and Designit, as well as several major European universities. I furthermore have a strong teaching portfolio, having now taught seven courses in interaction design processes.



I work with the theme “generative design materials” – In the CIBIS project this contributes by highlighting and developing the idea that thinking is something distributed not just across participants (collaboration) but also across things and systems. Whenever we design something we draw on a whole host of materials – videos of field studies, images from practice, inspirational images, other design projects, but also the actual materials designers craft : screens, LEDs, arduinos and other new interface materials. All of these are externalisations of something in a project’s design space – a requirement, a self-imposed constraint, a source of inspiration, a theory about what might work etc. I develop the notion of these materials having a generative potential – supporting design participants generate ideas and develop them throughout a design process.

That means, to put it bluntly what roles do materials play in ideation? How do we use materials to explore and interact with design spaces? So far I have investigated this through a range of studies: such as a card-based technique for ideation (Inspiration Card Workshops) manifested both in paper and in a tangible tabletop form; using paper-based techniques for collaborating on design ideas for a projected library building; using 3d models to explore and combine with whiteboard sketching in a media facade ideation process; coding in a craftmanship perspective; and creating electronic music using a tangible user interface. My final dissertation aims at developing this research through design approach into a coherent framework based on pragmatism: the main contribution of my work will be an understanding of materials in design process creativity as something distributed and situated. Much of my research takes place at the Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction as well as the Participatory Information Technology Centre.

If you want talk or collaborate do not hesitate to get in touch.